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6 Tips to Hiring in the Fourth Quarter

Need to hire in the fourth quarter? You are not alone.

It’s common for companies to plan to hire at the end of the year. Some look to fill open jobs and others want to complete fourth quarter projects and/or prepare for the new year. Regardless of industry or size of the organization, this year employers will be faced with fierce competition since job seekers have many options in the steadily increasing candidate-driven market. Currently, in the US there are more open jobs then there are qualified candidates. It’s important to note 6 key tips for Q4 hiring:

1. Don’t wait – begin recruiting now.

Once you know your Q4 hiring needs, begin recruiting ASAP. The earlier you get started the better chances you have in identifying quality candidates. It’s also important to engage qualified candidates as quickly as they apply to increase your chances of engaging them in your job opening since it is likely they will have competing opportunities.

2. Share your open jobs with your network.

Let everyone in your network know that you will be hiring for Q4! Update your website and social media platforms. Refresh job descriptions and skills. The more people you tell, the more candidates you will reach.

3. Do your Checks & Balances.

Don’t be tempted to hire the first available workers to fill empty slots. Understanding your team's skills gaps will help you build a strong workforce. Review the skill sets that your team needs. Compare your needs to the skills your workers have. In today’s market, it’s hard to find someone with all the skills. Think about hiring someone who can be trained quickly. Be realistic about your needs vs. your nice to have’s. Also, focus on the behaviors that an individual demonstrates that can make him/her successful in the job.

4. Use It or Lose It

Unspent money might vanish from next year’s budget. Use leftover recruiting or hiring dollars before the end of the year. Hiring temporary or contractors can increase your Q4 workforce without ongoing costs.

5. Try Before You Buy

We all know making a bad hire is costly. Consider a contract-to-hire to ensure the candidate meets the skills requirements as well as the company’s culture. This will also help avoid the risk and expense of a bad hire before you hire them for a permanent role.

6. Engage Your Third-Party Partners

Partnering with a staffing agency to help manage the search and streamline the process can increase your chances of identifying quality candidates quickly and efficiently. Consider working with one of your existing vendors who knows your organization’s culture or for specialized jobs, consider engaging a specialized staffing agency that will likely have the talent pool specific to your specialized position.

BC Management is the leading provider of staffing services for the business continuity profession and related risk disciplines. Our team provides contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing solutions – spanning all experience levels – to quickly address your immediate needs. Leveraging our diverse, global network, we’re able to find qualified candidates that you'll love. We guarantee it.

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