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Recommendations for a Job Search During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

It’s no mystery that COVID-19 is causing a great deal of uncertainty and a disruption to our normal lives that no one expected. We are witnessing unprecedented shutdowns and disruptions of business across the globe so it isn’t uncommon that people wonder how and if it will impact the interview and job search process as we know it. We thought it would be helpful to offer a few recommendations to help navigate your job search during this unsettling time.

· Update your LinkedIn profile – Employers will typically scan your social profile before the interview process. So, what does your LinkedIn profile say about you? You want to get their attention quickly and the best way to do so is by updating your LinkedIn headline and summary.

o Sample LinkedIn headline:

Crisis Management Director + Global Resiliency Leader + International Speaker

o Sample LinkedIn summary:

A Risk Management Executive with 20+ years saving multi-millions in supply chain risk mitigation and effective response to natural emergencies and disasters in APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

Specialties: • ISO 22301 • FFIEC • IT & operational audit • Compliance • Risk assessment & mitigation • Vulnerability Assessment • Crisis Management• Incident response • Business Impact Analysis • Risk Assessment •Business Continuity Management • Disaster Recovery • Policies and procedures • Regulatory adherence • Exercises • Third-Party Risk • BC Planning software implementation.

· Apply – We expect companies will have continued personnel needs, especially within our niche profession of business continuity/ crisis management. The selection process may slow down, and many companies are taking a brief pause but the clients we continually check in with are anticipating the need to add to staff. If you are searching for a new job opportunity, you should continue to apply as you normally would.

· The new interview - Interviews have switched to Video Telephone Calls (VTC). You should be prepared to take a VTC in advance. You can find several tools available online. We cannot stress the importance of taking these calls as seriously as you would if you were in-person. Identify a private space where you can host an uninterrupted call. Dress professionally as you would an in-person interview and be equally prepared. Remember, these VTC’s will be your first impression.

· Be patient and flexible – Be mindful of the fact that employers are also dealing with the affects and preparation of their internal company needs related to COVID-19. The process may take longer than the norm so it’s best to practice patience and to remain flexible as schedules are changing by the moment.

Remember, this will one day end. The worst thing you could do in a time of social distancing is to get out of the job search game entirely. Keep submitting your resume to jobs - employers continue to post new opportunities daily. Sign up for our BCM Career notifications at where you will be notified of new opportunities as we receive them. Keep your resume circulating so that when the social distancing ends, your job search isn’t just beginning.

We are in this together, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We’re here to assist you in meeting your career aspirations in any way that we can. Arrange a complimentary discussion today at

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