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Top 10 Interview Tips

1. Dress sharp: It is best to always dress more conservative because you never want to wear anything to eye catching that pulls the interviewer’s attention away from what you are saying. Navy, gray, black or neutral colors are best. Nothing trendy or bright.

2. Always be early: Punctuality is so very important in today’s market. In business, you always must stay ahead of the competition. When candidates are late for an interview it gives the hiring manager a terrible impression that is often impossible to recover from. It is best to be about 10 minutes early.

3. Firm Handshake: This seems like the last thing many interviewees seem to keep in mind. A hiring authority is always looking for a firm handshake. You can get quite an impression from the beginning based on the handshake. Handshakes become even more important if you are interviewing for a position in sales, managerial or any position where you would be meeting clients. A hiring manager wants a future candidate to always give excellent first impressions in their new job. Never too tight of a grip.

4. Materials to bring: Always bring extra copies of your resume. It is recommended to bring 1-2 extra copies more than the interviewers you are meeting with. Bring a nice portfolio to hold the resumes, letters of recommendation, legal pad of paper, pen and any other accomplishments that will assist in selling your qualifications.

5. Ice Breaker: In the beginning of the interview there is always a lull when the interviewer is walking you to a conference room or they are getting your resume. This is the best time to engage in conversation to get the interview off to a good start. Use an icebreaker that shows you have done your research on the company. It is best if you tie this fact in with showing your intrigue or interest in the company’s performance. For example: Mr./ Ms. Roberts, I happen to notice that ABC Company’s growth has tripled over the last 5 years! I find that fascinating! Tell me how did ABC accomplish such a feat in today’s tough market? This type of statement shows 3 things: 1) You have done your research. 2) You are showing your interest in the company. 3) You are complimenting the company, which the hiring manager will take as an indirect compliment. What an excellent way to start the interview!!!

6. Be Prepared: Interviewers like to see candidates who are well prepared. All of our clients like to see candidates with a nice portfolio that holds a legal pad of paper with questions already written down. Remember to always review a company’s website and any news on the market so you are well informed.

7. Sample Questions: Questions should be phrased as open-ended questions, meaning the interviewer will have to answer with more than a yes or no. These types of questions are very important because you need to gather the appropriate information about the job. Some sample questions are below, but also review the last few pages of the other interview prep.

-What would be my responsibilities and duties?

-Describe a typical day on the job.

-What projects would I be involved in now? In the future?

****With these questions, you will want to write down the interviewer’s response and after they have finished answering the question, let him/ her understand how your qualifications or previous responsibilities match what they are looking for in a candidate.

8. Never be negative: You never want to be negative about past employers, situations, companies or other fellow employees. Interviewers will read this as you being a confrontational person not willing to be apart of the team. Everyone understands that not everyone can get along, however, an interview is not the time to discuss it. There are truthful, tactful ways to explain why you left a company without making the interviewer question your background or feel uncomfortable in hiring you.

9. Close the interview: Always thank the interviewer for their time. Express your interest in the position and ask him/her what the next step is in the interviewing process.

10. Presentation: Always during an interview keep in mind your presentation such as: eye contact, non-verbal expressions, show interest, nod the head as a response and etc.

***Make sure to turn off or silence cell phones!!!!***

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