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Thank you for participating in the 11th Edition Crisis Management Study

The complimentary report and customized Crisis Management Dashboards from this study will be available in September 2024.  Please add to your email safe list to ensure you do not miss your report and dashboard once published and distributed.

Please share:

Forward BC Management's 11th Edition Crisis Management Study to your colleagues!  A better response enhances our assessment of the profession.  Plus, your friends will also obtain a customized Crisis Management Dashboard.

Your individual study response: 

Please contact BC Management if you'd like to receive your individual complete study response as a PDF document.

Crisis Management consultation session:
If you opted to engage in a post-survey Crisis Management Benchmarking session (while participating in the study), a member of the Witt O'Brien's team will reach out directly to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. During this meeting, we will actively engage you on your survey response and discuss how your approach compares to peers.  


~ Your BC Management & Witt O'Brien's Team

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