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Our 14th Edition BCM/Resiliency Trends Study is Live!

Confidentially Contribute to Unlock Your Program Maturity Score & Customized Dataset!


Introducing the 14th Edition of the BCM/Resiliency Trends Study—a globally recognized tool for surveying, assessing, and reporting on attitudes and findings related to Resilience Management strategies.


Participate in the 14th Edition of the BCM/Resiliency Trends Study and be at the forefront of resilience excellence. Your insights matter, and we're here to empower you with the tools and knowledge to excel in your field.



Your confidential participation in this study unlocks exclusive access to the following:

  • BCM Trends Report: Gain access to an in-depth report, chock-full of cutting-edge insights and trends in Resilience Management.

  • Customized BCM Trends Peer Data Dashboard: Delve deeper into your field with a personalized dashboard, offering a unique perspective on how your organization compares to peers in the industry.

  • Program Maturity Score (upon study completion): Understand your program's maturity level and gain valuable insights to enhance your resilience strategies.
















Who should participate?

  • Participants must work within Business Continuity, Resiliency Management, IT Service Continuity, or Crisis Management.

  • Contract/ Fixed term consultants are discouraged from participating unless they are responding exclusively for one client. If so, the entire study must be completed on behalf of one client.

Please ensure that 1 person who manages Business Continuity, Resilience Management, Crisis Management, or Disaster Recovery from your organization participates unless multiple individuals manage different programs by business units, processes, or program scope.

Please direct any questions to  If you participated in a previous study, but didn't receive your corresponding complimentary report, please contact

Thank you in advance for participating.  We look forward to sharing the results.

Thank you, 

~ Your BC Management & Witt O'Brien's Team

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