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14th Edition: Resilience Management Report

This study focuses on business continuity and resiliency program trends -
everything from reporting structures, dedicated budgets, and headcount with an overview of program maturity differentiating factors to obtain operational resiliency.  

This study is live until June 30, 2024.  Confidentially participate to receive a complimentary report and customized BCM/Resiliency Trending Dashboard (by industry or organizational revenues).  The report and customized dashboards from this study are available.


Learn more about this study.  View a sample dashboard from this study. 

10th Edition: Event Impact Management Report

This report highlights how different crises impact organizations from organizational losses, downtime, impact to the employees as well as financial losses.  Plus, there is an assessment on how organizations prepare for different events and use lessons learned to advance resilience management capabilities.   

The current version of this report was distributed in May 2023.  All study respondents received a complimentary report and a customized dashboard (by industry or organizational annual gross revenues). 


The next edition of this study will be launched in Q2 2024 with a report being available in Q3 2024.

The free report includes a summary of crisis events along with their estimated impacts.
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