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Elevate Your Resilience Program with Top Talent Staff or Consultants

We take the time to understand your needs, and have the connections to find you qualified staff or consultants you'll love.  We guarantee it.

We're "In" Resilience Management!

We have decades of experience focusing exclusively on Business Continuity, Resilience Management, Crisis Management, Risk Management, and Security related disciplines.  We understand the language and can identify the skills needed to be successful.

The Hidden 60,000
The Hidden 60,000

We have the largest network of passive resiliency candidates in the world!  Many won't be found actively looking for a job or on LinkedIn.

We're Fast

We have a proven process that gets results - quickly.  We also communicate frequently - so you always know the status of your search.

Global Reach

From Detroit to Delhi - We have worked in dozens of countries.



We take the time to understand your needs and vision for your program.


BC Management provides direct-hire, staff augmentation, and consultants.  We discuss which option will achieve your goals.


We'll provide you a list of pre-screened candidates, including our feedback on them.  Once you select the best, we'll coordinate the entire hiring process.  You never pay until a candidate starts.


A candidate's first day isn't the end.  We're there to ensure your new staff is successful, and we guarantee our results.

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