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Navigating the Hiring Landscape: Debunking Misnomers and Confronting Staffing Challenges in Resilience Management for 2024

As organizations embrace a holistic resiliency mindset in 2024, the demand for skilled professionals in resilience management continues to soar. In fact, our newest BCM/ Resiliency Trends Study reports that 39% of organizations plan to hire resiliency personnel in 2024.  This data point is a significant increase from the 14% reported in 2018, the 25% reported in 2021, and a slight increase from the 37% in 2022.  However, amid this demand, hiring misnomers and staffing challenges can impede the recruitment process. This article explores five common misnomers and addresses the staffing challenges organizations may encounter in hiring resilience management professionals for the year ahead.


1.       Holistic Resiliency Equates to Universal Skills

Misnomer: Assuming that a universal skill set can meet the demands of holistic resiliency in 2024.


Reality: The multifaceted nature of modern challenges, such as supply chain disruptions and cyber threats, requires a diverse skill set. Organizations must move beyond the misconception of a one-size-fits-all professional and seek specialists in crisis management, risk analysis, and technological resilience to effectively address complex issues.


2.       Downsizing Elsewhere Facilitates Recruitment

Misnomer: Believing that downsizing in unrelated professions will simplify the recruitment of resilience professionals.


Reality: Resilience management demands a unique set of skills that cannot be readily replaced by downsizing in other fields. Organizations should resist the temptation to assume that job scarcity elsewhere will automatically channel qualified candidates into resilience roles. Additionally, don’t presume that downsizing in other professions equates to a large pool of available talent in the resiliency profession.


3.       LinkedIn as the Sole Source for Recruitment

Misnomer: Relying solely on LinkedIn for resilience management recruitment.


Reality: The dynamic realm of resilience management requires creative hiring initiatives beyond conventional platforms. While LinkedIn is a valuable tool, resilience professionals may not exclusively present themselves on mainstream platforms. Engaging with specialized recruitment agencies, participating in industry events, and leveraging professional networks are essential for connecting with the right talent.


4.       Misleading Salary Ranges

Misnomer: Posting a salary range when only hiring at the midpoint, potentially misleading candidates.


Reality: Transparency in salary information is crucial for attracting suitable candidates. However, posting a range that doesn't align with the actual hiring budget may lead to frustration and multiple offer rejections. Organizations should be clear about budget constraints from the outset to manage candidate expectations effectively.


5.       Job Post Turnaway Effect

Misnomer: Believing that a standard job posting effectively attracts suitable candidates.

Reality: Job postings must be carefully crafted to avoid turning away potential candidates. A generic posting can inadvertently discourage qualified professionals from applying.  Additionally, including the years of experience be sought for the role and reporting structure will help potential candidates gauge if the role is a good fit.  Organizations should also focus on showcasing the unique aspects of the role, emphasizing the organization's commitment to resilience, innovation, and professional growth.


In the dynamic landscape of resilience management, dispelling misnomers and addressing staffing challenges are vital for building effective and adaptable teams. Organizations must recognize the nuanced skill sets required, employ creative recruitment initiatives, and avoid common pitfalls in the hiring process. By navigating through these challenges, organizations can ensure they are equipped with resilient professionals capable of steering through the uncertainties of 2024 and beyond.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any staffing questions. We are here to help you assess the appropriate personnel need, be it managed services, consulting, temporary or a permanent hire. Additionally, we have sample job descriptions and several BCM Research Reports available for review. You can also find great hiring manager video content posted on the BC Management You Tube channel. Arrange a complimentary discussion today at

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